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Car problems spoiling your day?

A trained tow truck driver is pretty close by, maybe he can help.

What a Tow Operator Can Do For San Diego Drivers

  • Around the clock towing
  • Change your flat tire
  • Bring you some fuel
  • Jump start your dead battery
  • Unlock your locked auto

Locally Owned and Operated

You might have seen one of these local vehicles on the road before.

The goal is to offer helpful assistance as quickly and as reasonably as possible.

If you have a car situation which is preventing you from getting to where you need to be – let a towing operator take care of it.

You Can Call a Pro

A Vehicle Tow

If your car or truck is sitting along a roadside or in a parking lot, we all understand your aggravation.

Nobody wants to sit in a parking area or at the side of the highway waiting for their tow truck to arrive, so your towing service will do everything they can to cut down on your waiting time.

The tow trucks on the road are safe, clean and modern. The drivers are usually helpful and understand just what to do.

Local tow drivers follow all the state laws concerning how a tow truck driver should perform their job.

If your driver can do it, they will correct your trouble on the spot. He might open up a locked car, change a flat tire, provide some fuel for someone who ran out of gas, or jumpstart a dead battery. But in most cases, they will need to transport the car or truck someplace.

24 Hour Towing in Central San Diego

If it is not safe to drive your car or truck, and your operator can’t fix the situation immediately, he will pull it up and carry it over to any repair shop or auto mechanic you want.

No one wants their car or truck to be mishandled. Your driver will be respectful of your vehicle during the full procedure.

Need a Battery Jump Start in Balboa Park Area

Thinking you’ve got a dead car battery? It happens more often now with our new cars and their electronics. If you don’t get any sounds at all as you try and start it, it could be a bad battery.

As long as your tow driver can get access to your weak battery and connect his battery up to yours, he will probably be able to jumpstart it and get the motor going. Then, while you drive around, your weak battery will recharge.

Once in a while, however, a vehicle does not start while it is being jumpstarted, so that indicates the issue is actually with some other area of the starter system. In those situations, he will take the vehicle to a repair shop so they can ascertain the trouble.

Need a Little Gas?

It really shouldn’t occur, but it can. We get busy and neglect the fuel gauge and we run out of gas. It happens.

If you’re stuck somewhere because your tank is on empty, a tow company would be able to visit wherever you and your car is and add in the gas you need.

Repair a Flat Tire

If you’re side-lined due to a flat tire, there are a couple of options. If the situation allows it, you could be able to take off your bad one and place on your good spare tire.

In other cases, you might have to get hauled to a local tire shop of your choosing to either get it fixed or replaced.

Locked Out – Car Unlocking Service

It’s always been all too easy to mistakenly lock your keys inside the car or in the trunk area. Thankfully, most of us have an additional set of keys they can use to get your car open.

Car locksmiths and some tow truck operators can often get into the majority of locked autos. They have the instruments and the coaching to accomplish it. It sometimes requires a little luck, but most locked cars and trucks can get opened up.

Want to Set Up a Future Tow?

Is there a car at your house that you can’t get running? Want to get it somewhere? You could plan a day and time to get that done.

Have people parked their cars on your property? Want to know what your rights are? Call your local towing service.

Your Towing Service North of Downtown San Diego

The objective of a towing service is to take your vehicle where it should be in order to be fixed, or to perform what is necessary to get you back on the road fast.

There are times when people have a problem with their vehicle, but they don’t know which repair shop they should move it to. Your tow operator knows of some decent, affordable auto mechanics.

In case your vehicle has physical damage to it, an insurance company representative could give you some guidance regarding where you should leave it.

If no insurance adjuster has advised you where you should have your vehicle delivered to, your friendly driver has heard of some respectable body shops.

I Haven’t Got Any Cash On Me

It’s no problem if you don’t have cash. Towing operators accept your credit card.

What you want is good support accomplished at a fairly low cost.

Getting To You As Fast As Possible

In most cases, each service truck is already out dealing with some other motorist’s auto issue. But when you call, you will be allocated the next available vehicle to your location.

Your tow truck operator will work to do whatever he can to get over to your location as soon as possible. He knows you want to have your situation remedied as quickly as possible.

A Truck In Your Area?

Drivers regularly visit many sections of San Diego County.

We’re often in neighborhoods near the San Diego Zoo, Park West, Palisades or Middletown.


Fast Service Area

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