San Diego Towing Company

Auto problems? Need a tow?

You could find a tow truck, and it isn’t too far away either.

Here’s the Services Tow Operators Perform:

  • Round-the-clock towing near downtown
  • Deliver some fuel when your tank is empty
  • Jumpstart your vehicle when the battery is dead
  • Unlock your car when your keys are inside
  • Put on your spare tire if you have a flat

Your Local Pro

If you spend any time driving around our city, you’ve probably seen one or more of these local trucks before.

Choose a friendly, local business which has helped out many stuck drivers over the past couple of years.

Many motorists need roadside help one or two times in their life.

When you need assistance, someone is there ready to help.

When Your Vehicle Needs Help On The Road – Make the Call

Vehicle Tow

We know that being bogged down in a parking lot, by the side of the highway, or even in your own driveway, can be a pain in the butt. And it often seems to happen when you’re in a hurry.

Time appears to go slow when you are waiting in a parking lot or along the side of the road.

Your dispatcher and driver are going to do their best to appear as soon as possible.

Your tow operator works from a clean and sophisticated truck with the current tools.

Almost all of the drivers are really seasoned and they all position the security of you and your vehicle above all else.

California tow companies are required to adhere to state and city guidelines and laws.

Knowledgeable tow drivers learn and adhere to all such regulations.

The driver will provide a tow, jump start your battery, open up your locked vehicle, provide some fuel, change a tire, anything it takes.

24 Hour Towing near Downtown San Diego

If a technical problem has you and your car or truck sitting in a parking lot or by some highway somewhere, there is someone who can drive to your location and get it going or haul it to where you want it to go.

Your operator understands how much you like your car or truck.

He will load, transport and drop your vehicle off safely and carefully.

San Diego Dead Car Battery Jump Start

Does your car battery seem dead?

Absolutely nothing happen when you press the start button or turn the key?

Generally, if your tow driver attaches a strong battery to your dead battery, your car will start immediately.

And then, as it’s running, the engine will recharge your battery as you are driving.

But if your auto does not start while he is jumping it, the problem could be something other than the battery.

In these cases, he will haul your vehicle to your mechanic or garage for additional diagnosis.

Get Gas Brought to Your Stranded Car

It’s easy to prevent, but every single day a few drivers in our city runs out of fuel on the highway.

This is the simplest situation to handle.

Tow services always have extra gas on their trucks. They’ll put some in your tank and you can be on your way.

Flat Tire Change

Flat tires happen once in a while.

In some instances, someone may take off your bad one and change it with your spare tire, as long as your spare is properly inflated and ready to go.

Not all cars have a useful spare tire.

And sometimes cars get flats in spots where it might be dangerous to try to jack up and change a tire, so your tow operator may decide to haul your vehicle to a tire retailer in those circumstances.

Vehicle Lock Out Service

It’s a lousy sensation when you realize you locked your keys in your car.

Tow truck drivers bring special auto unlocking tools that they use to open up your locked car or truck.

Sometimes the process is much harder than other times.

But they will usually get the project done and get a door opened.

Set up a Time to do Your Tow Later

Do you own a vehicle in your garage or driveway you want to have taken someplace, but it won’t go on its own?

You could arrange a date and time to have somebody come over and do that.

Got someone else’s car sitting on your property? Want to get it taken away but don’t understand how to do it?

Learn about your options.

Towing Company Around San Diego

The goal of a tow service is to cart your car where it should be in order to be fixed, or to do what is needed to have you back on the road as quick as possible.

In case your car can’t be driven because of a mechanical situation, you can haul it to any repair center or local mechanic you like.

If you don’t know of a good local repair shop, your driver can have a good recommendation or two.

When your car has physical damage to it, an insurance company may give you some suggestions as to where you should take it.

If you haven’t been told where to bring your car to yet, and you don’t have a favorite body repair shop, your tow operator will be able to offer a few recommendations based on the make of car you have and what the damage is.

Not Carrying Any Cash?

Tow trucks started taking credit cards years ago.

Most customers pay with a card.

The costs are affordable and are based on the services you need plus a mileage rate.

Get To Your Location Quick

Most, if not all, service trucks are already driving around tending to other motorists when you call.

The dispatcher takes your name and location and schedules the next available vehicle to head to your spot at the earliest opportunity.

Everybody knows being stopped by the side of a road, being locked out or unable to start your vehicle is a pain, so your tow driver will get to you as fast as he can.

Is Your Car At a Location Which is Easily Served?

Tow drivers support most sections of San Diego

You will observe service trucks in downtown neighborhoods such as Centre City, the Marina, Gaslamp Quarter, Little Italy, East Village, Cortez Hill, Harborview and the 92101 zip code.


Fast Service Area

Regularly helping out motorists in the downtown Centre City spots of the Marina, Gaslamp Quarter, Little Italy, East Village, Cortez Hill, Harborview and the 92101 zip.

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