South Park Towing Company

Car problems ruining your day?

You could find a tow truck, and it’s maybe close by.

Services Offered East of Downtown San Diego:

  • Round-the-clock towing near Grant Hill and Golden Hill
  • Deliver some gasoline when your tank is empty
  • Jump start your car when your battery is dead
  • Open up your vehicle when the keys are inside
  • Install your spare tire if you have a flat tire

Quickest Tow in Town

If you spend much time driving around the city, you have probably gone past one of these trucks along the highway before.

A towing service is in the business of helping local motorists who have run into a problem.

And they try to do it in a nice way too.

In case you are having problems with your vehicle right now, your local tower is going to do what they can to get to you as quick as possible.

Let’s Find a Local Service

engine overheating

When you can’t get in your car and drive, it can instantly switch your good day into a pretty bad day.

After you speak to a towing company, they will send the next available driver to your location.

You got places to go, so they work to show up as quick as they can.

Your tow operator is operating a clean, modern and safe truck.

And each operator knows how to attach your vehicle so there will be no marring or injury.

California and individual cities can have regulations which tow drivers are expected to adhere to.

Your driver will know and comply with each guideline.

A few troubles are likely to be repaired – jump start a dead battery, deliver a little fuel, change a tire, open up a locked car – but your driver may need to pick up and tow an auto which has a larger mechanical issue.

Affordable Towing Service near South Park Area

If it isn’t safe to drive your car, and your tow operator can’t correct the problem immediately, he will pull it up and take it over to any body shop or auto mechanic you want.

Nobody is more considerate with your car than your tow operator.

He acts as if your vehicle is his own car.

Car Won’t Start – Dead Battery Jumpstart

If your car or truck won’t make a noise as you try and start it up, the cause is often a dead battery.

If your battery is completely dead, you may also have trouble getting the door unlocked.

As long as your tow driver can get into the car or truck and get the hood open, he will try and jump start it and get it going.

The weak battery will get recharged as you drive around.

But if your auto does not start while he is jumping it, the problem is probably something other than the battery.

In those situations, he will take your vehicle to a mechanic or garage for additional diagnosis.

Out of Gas in Mount Hope Area

It isn’t too uncommon to run out of gas. While it’s very easy to avoid – it still happens.

It is a simple issue to fix. Tow companies keep extra gasoline with them.

They can just put some in and you’ll be on your way again.

Flat Tire Changing Service

If you can’t get on the road due to a flat tire, somebody might take care of it right there.

Providing you have a good, properly inflated spare, and your car is sitting in a safe location, you may be able to get it changed there.

Sometimes, however, like when a bad tire comes about alongside a busy freeway at rush hour, or the car does not have any spare tire, a towing service will load the vehicle up and take it to a local tire retailer to be swapped or fixed.

Locked Out – Car Unlocking Near Grant Hill

A lot of us have mistakenly shut the trunk with our keys inside it or found another way to close our keys inside our vehicle.

There are a couple ways to get into a locked automobile.

With some training, the proper tool and some luck, many tow drivers and car locksmiths can unlock a locked vehicle door.

No Emergency Situation – Let’s Plan a Tow for Another Day

You could have a car or truck which isn’t operating right and you can’t drive it.

You can choose a future day and time for a tow truck to drive by, pick it up and deliver it to whichever auto repair shop or car mechanic you select.

Got somebody else’s car on your property?

Hope to get it moved but don’t understand how to do it?

Discover your alternatives.

Dependable Towing Near South Park and Golden Hill

Soon after your tow operator arrives at your car, he will either be equipped to tackle the issue right there, or he will have to carefully load it up and haul it to whatever repair shop you want him to take it.

In case your truck or car is not safe to drive, you can carry it to the repair center or mechanic you want to work on it.

If you don’t know where to have it taken, your driver should have a suggestion or two.

When you need a tow because you were in an accident, you might not know where to take your car.

If no insurance adjuster has informed you where you should have your vehicle transported to, your driver knows of some dependable body shops in the local area.

Not Carrying Cash Today?

Yes, towing drivers accept most credit cards. No problem.

The rates are normally reasonable.

There are established fees for each service and charges for each mile towed.

Get a Tow Truck to Your Location

After you call, you have your name set in line to get helped next.

Each service truck is normally driving around aiding other San Diego car owners most of the time.

Your vehicle operator will get to your location as quick as he can.

If you’re locked out or trapped in a parking garage or at the side of a highway, everybody understands your state.

What Parts of San Diego County Are Easily Serviced?

If your automobile is in the central area of San Diego, a tow professional can give a little help soon.

A few of the areas vehicle owners are helped in include South Park, east of downtown, Grant Hill, Golden Hill, Mount Hope and the 92102 zip area.


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