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Auto Problem? Need a mechanic or some other assistance?

San Diego tow operators are out working around your neighborhood.

Maybe they can help.

Helping With These Problems:

  • 24/7 towing near Encanto and Skyline
  • Car unlocks
  • Deliver some fuel
  • Fix a flat tire
  • Jumpstart a dead battery

Call a company You Can Rely On

If you spend much time driving around the city, you’ve most likely seen one of the trucks before.

Connect with one of the friendliest towing services in our city.

If you have an automobile problem which is preventing you from getting to where you need to be – let a tow operator fix it.

When Your Vehicle Needs Help On The Road – Just Call

Busted radiator

It’s frustrating when you can’t get into your car or truck and just drive away. We understand how you feel.

We know that each minute you are sitting and waiting for someone to show up and take care of your car feels more like five or ten minutes.

Your tow driver will do every thing they can to arrive at you quick.

The tow trucks on the road are safe, neat and modern. The operators are helpful and realize just what to do.

Towing services and operators must follow California and city laws and rules.

Drivers comply with these regulations on each service call.

Once you call, your towing service will do what they have to do in order to get you back on your way or take your car to where it needs to go.

Emergency Towing Service in Valencia Park and Southeast San Diego

If you are not able to operate your vehicle as a result of a car accident or mechanical trouble, your tow company can move it to the best shop or garage to have it fixed.

You like your car or truck. Your tow driver understands that.

He will take care of your car carefully when he loads it up and drops it off at your destination.

Jump Starting a Dead Battery Near Southeast San Diego

Unable to get your car started? Not making any noise at all when you try and start it?

You can frequently get your car started by connecting a working battery to your dead one.

And once you have it running, your battery will get charged up while you drive around.

In the event a car still won’t start while being jumpstarted, then the actual problem lies someplace else in the starting system.

In a situation like this, your driver will carry the car to a car repair shop that you prefer.

Just Run Out of Gas?

Quite a few of us have run out of gas one time in the past. It happens.

If you can’t find a friend who will drive out quickly and bring you some gas, a tow company will help you with that.

These truck drivers always have supplemental gasoline cans on board their trucks.

Taking Care of a Flat Tire

If you have a good, inflated spare tire, and your vehicle is in a secure spot, you might be able to simply jack your car up and replace your bad tire with your spare.

Not each car has a good spare tire, so you may be unable to change your bad one.

You’ll have to have your car transported to a tire shop or mechanic of your choosing.

Unlocking a Locked Car

Once you lock your keys in your car and you don’t have use of your second set, it’s hard to go anyplace.

A car locksmith can unlock a locked car or truck.

Some big city tow drivers carry the tools and experience to often get the same success.

Schedule a Tow Near Lincoln Park and Southeast San Diego

Maybe you have a vehicle that you can’t keep running and you have to get it repaired.

Just set a time to have someone come over and transport it for you.

If you’ve got a car or truck sitting on your property that isn’t yours, there are a few polices regarding what you can do.

Why not learn about your options?

Your Encanto and Skyline Towing Company

The objective of a tow service is to either take your car where it has to be in order to be fixed, or to undertake what is needed to get you back on the road fast.

If your car can’t be driven any further, you can get it hauled to where you like.

If you don’t have a favorite mechanic or repair shop, just ask your driver for options.

If you received physical damage from a collision, it is possible you have already chatted with an insurance adjuster who has directed you where to get your car transported to.

If you haven’t been advised where you should take your vehicle yet, your driver has done this frequently before, he will have a recommendation or two.

No Cash in the Wallet?

Almost all vehicle owners pay with their credit card. Not a problem.

The costs are fair and are based on the services you need plus a mileage rate.

Calling a Local Dispatcher

Many trucks are regularly somewhere around the metro aiding some other driver now.

Their time of arrival depends quite a bit on the outcome of their present job.

Your tow operator wants to get to your location in a timely manner.

His job is to get your car going or transport your vehicle to where it can get serviced.

A Service Vehicle Near You?

If you are somewhere in a San Diego / Chula Vista location, someone will be able to get to you soon.

You can see service vehicles doing work in neighborhoods such as North Encanto, South Encanto, Skyline, Morse High School, Valencia Park, Lincoln Park and the 92114 zip.


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