Southwest Chula Vista Towing Company

Auto Trouble? Need a mechanic or some other assistance?

There is a truck and a certified driver not too far away.

A List of the Items Tow Operators Perform:

  • 24 hour towing near Harbor Side
  • Gas delivery – bring you some gas when you’re running on empty
  • Car locksmith service – open a locked car
  • Jumpstart your car – jump your battery and get it going
  • Flat tire replace – if you have a spare tire

Call Someone You Can Trust

You may have seen these local trucks on the highway before.

Look for a big city service that acts like a small town business. Nice and affordable.

We hope you will never need an emergency tow, but when you do need someone, you can get one arranged fast.

No Reason to Wait

Pretty Fast Emergency Response

Getting a problem with your car or truck can change a good day bad quickly.

Nobody likes to sit in a parking area or at the side of the road waiting for their tow truck to arrive, so your tow service does everything they can to cut down on your waiting time.

Your local tow driver runs a clean and up-to-date truck with all the current equipment. A lot of the drivers are really experienced and they all place the safety of you and your car above anything else.

Your tow operator observes all such California safety rules and regulations.

Once a tow driver gets to you, he will work on whatever it takes to get you on the road again. Or he can transport your vehicle to the best shop to be fixed.

24 Hour Towing in Southwest Chula Vista

If your car isn’t running right, or you’ve just been in a minor accident, somebody can come to where you are and transport your car someplace where it will get fixed.

Your tow driver realizes just how much you like your car. He will load up, move and drop your vehicle off securely and properly.

Southwest Chula Vista Area Dead Car Battery Jump Start

Car or truck not starting up? No lights coming on or are really dim? Most likely a dead battery.

If you can connect a charged battery to yours, your vehicle will usually start up. And then as you drive it, the battery will get charged up.

If your vehicle still doesn’t start up while he is jump starting it, your trouble could be a different section of the starter system. If that occurs, he will haul your car where it should go to get fixed.

Hey – I Ran Out of Gas

It will happen to many of us once. We somehow manage to run out of gas.

This will be the easiest auto problem to get resolved. Your tow driver has spare gas with him. He can add some to your fuel tank and you can be on the road.

Flat Tire Replacement

Flat tire situations are solved in one of two options. If the vehicle has a good working spare, and the car is parked in a good place, you could just replace the bad tire on the spot.

A number of autos don’t have a good spare tire, so you’ll have to tow your car or truck to your favorite tire store and have it patched or upgraded.

Locked Out of Your Car

A lot of us have inadvertently shut the trunk with our keys inside it or found another way to close our keys inside the car.

There are a couple ways to get into a locked car or truck. With some knowledge, the right tool and some luck, many tow drivers and car locksmiths can open a locked car or truck door.

Schedule a Day to Do Your Tow

You could have a vehicle that is not operating right and you don’t think you can drive it on the road. You can pick a future day and time for a tow vehicle to come out, get it and deliver it to the repair center or car mechanic you choose.

When there is a strange vehicle parked at your place, there are policies in relation to what you can do. You can discover about the options.

Southwest Chula Vista Towing Company

It’s easy to put you and your disabled car back on the road or bring your car where it can get repaired.

If your car has a mechanical challenge and you don’t know the best places to take it, your driver will usually be aware of a pair of good mechanics he can suggest.

When you get in an accident, and your vehicle was damaged enough so you can’t drive it, the insurance company that will be paying for the repairs will often want you to take the car to one of just a few specified repair shops.

In case you do not know which body shop to haul your dented or damaged car, your tow operator will have a couple of options for you to consider.

Left the House Without Any Cash?

Not a problem. Tow services gladly handle credit cards.

Pricing is mostly all upfront excluding the quantity of miles you want to be towed.

Fastest Service in Town

Once you call, the service dispatcher puts your name to the schedule to be the next person helped. Most service trucks are on the roads working with other motorists right now, but you get booked for the next available truck and driver.

Sitting with a disabled car or truck is not any fun. Your tow truck operator will try as best he can to meet you as fast as he can.

Can Trucks Come To Your Location?

There are trucks out working in many parts of San Diego County.

To be a little more specific, you can find a tow south of downtown near the Harbor Side or Castle Park High School areas, including the 91911 zip code.


Fast Service Area

Call if you’re here: Harbor Side, Castle Park High School or the 91911 zip code.


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