Tierransanta Towing Company

Got a car problem? Need some help?

One of the area better tow trucks and a driver are likely not too far away.

What Do You Need Done?

  • Around-the-clock towing
  • Gas delivery – deliver some gas when you’re running on empty
  • Car locksmith service – open up a locked vehicle
  • Jump start your car – boost your battery and get it started
  • Flat tire replacement – when you have a spare tire

Your Local Tow Service

You may have noticed the trucks on the interstate before.

Choose an experienced local company who have helped quite a number of car owners over the last several years.

We know the anxiety of car troubles and needing a tow or some other help. Find someone wanting to lend a hand.

Call When You Need a Little Help

Help for this vehicle

Look, everyone knows how frustrating it is to not being able to get in your car and go.

No one wants to sit in a parking area or by the side of the highway watching for their tow truck to arrive, so your towing company does anything they can to cut down on your waiting time.

The local drivers drive a modern, clean truck and they carry all the required equipment and tools. They make certain to put you, them and your car’s safety above any other concern.

In our part of the state, there are state and local laws tow operators are required to agree to.

Once you call, your towing service will do what they have to do to get you back on your way or move your vehicle to where it has to go.

Road Side Service Towing in Tierrasanta

If an accident or mechanical concern has your vehicle stuck in a parking area or by the side of a road someplace, someone can drive to meet you and either get your car moving again or haul it to where you want it to go.

You like your car or truck. Your driver understands that. He will treat your vehicle carefully when he loads it up and drops it off at your destination.

Battery Jump Start in Northern San Diego

Assuming you’ve got a dead battery? If your car won’t produce any sound at all when you attempt to start it, it’s most likely a dead battery.

Providing your tow operator can get to your battery, he can hook his charger battery up to it and jump start your car back to life. Then, while you drive your car around, your drained battery will get charged up again.

Whenever a car still won’t get going while being jumped, then the real obstacle is someplace else in the starting system. When that happens, your operator will tow the car to a mechanic or repair shop that you choose.

Gas Tank Empty?

It really doesn’t make much sense, yet once in a while, we have our fuel tank get too low and we almost run out of gas.

Luckily, it’s the simplest trouble to solve. Your driver always has supplemental gasoline on his truck. He will give you enough so you can make it to the gas station and get filled up.

Fixing a Flat Tire

If you are out of commission because of a flat tire, there’s a couple of solutions. If the scenario allows it, you might be able to take off your flat one and place on your good spare one.

There will be situations when you will learn you can’t put your spare on and instead have to tow your car someplace else to have the tire removed and fixed or upgraded.

Vehicle Lockouts

Are you locked out of your car? Can’t get your hands on your spare set easily?

Tow drivers have special instruments and the experience necessary to get a car door open and get you back in your car.

Not an Emergency Issue – Schedule a Tow for Some Other Time

You could own a vehicle which isn’t operating right and you can’t drive it. You may choose a future day and time for a tow vehicle to drive by, get it and transport it to whichever repair center or mechanic you decide on.

If there is a strange vehicle parked at your property, there are policies in relation to what you can do. You can discover about the options.

Call Your Towing Company

Once your tow operator meets you at your car, he will either be prepared to handle the condition right there, or he will carefully pick it up and take it to whatever repair shop you want him to take it to.

If your auto can’t be driven, you will get it towed wherever you like. If you don’t have a preferred auto mechanic or garage, just ask your driver for advice.

Cars damaged during an accident will need to be towed too. In some cases insurance companies can tell you certain body repair shops they want the body work done at.

In case you do not know which body shop to take your dented or damaged car to, your truck operator might have a handful of popular options for you to evaluate.

Not Enough Cash on You?

Local tow vehicles began accepting credit cards years back. Today, most customers pay with a card.

What you need is great assistance performed at low cost.

Fastest Tow Service in Northern San Diego

Right now, most trucks may be helping out other vehicle owners around the city. As your call comes in, you get placed in line to get helped as soon as possible.

Everyone understands you want to have your issue solved as soon as possible. Your tow driver will do everything he can to be at your location as quick as he can.

Where Can You Get Support?

Drivers get assigned out all across the city, often times north of San Carlos and Grantville, west of Mission Trails Park or in the vicinity of Scripps Ranch.


Fast Service Area

Trucks work in areas such as Mission Trails Park, Scripps Ranch, Tierrasanta and most other northern San Diego communities.

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